Kinnersley’s Hartlepool, can supply a large range of domestic and commercial trailers and parts from leading manufacturers, Ifor Williams, Bateson, Indespension, Brenderup etc. We also offer complete trailer refurbishment and conversions. We can supply:

General Purpose un-braked trailers up to 750kg.
Camping trailer ranges with lockable lids, covers, mesh sides, ramp tailgates and various accessories.
Ideal for removing garden waste, light building work as a DIY or camping trailer in the summer months.
Dinghy and Power Boat Trailers suitable for crafts upto 26ft or 9m Ribs with a carry capacity upto 2750kg.
Box Van Trailers

Box Van Trailers

Box and van trailers have the distinction of being enclosed units that can be made secure.
They come with a wide range of optional extras and accessories that enable these trailers to be refined for load carrying and a whole range of other uses with the addition of windows and doors.
Including multi-purpose bespoke units you can get inside and organise!

Motorbike, Quad & Cycle Trailers

These are task specific trailers capable of transporting various different size vehicles. They include a Range of Motorbike Trailers, Quad Trailers and Bicycle Trailers. Single, Twin and 3 bike trailers to suit scramblers, Sportsbikes and Harley style Bikes. Single and Double Quad Bike Trailers to suit your requirements. Horsebox trailers from Ifor Williams Trailers.

Horsebox Trailers

Ifor Williams Trailers horsebox trailers are renowned the world over and range from single horsebox trailers to larger trailers with a gross weight of 3500kg, which can accommodate multiple ponies.
We also have a range of quality used trailers, all serviced and checked.
We are looking for used trailers to buy, in any condition.

If you need your caravan or trailer servicing or a motor mover or any other parts or accessories!
Just call us on 01429 860286, or email us.